- History of the region (in French; Please use the Google Translate tool)

- Seigneurie of la Martinière 1 & 2

Origin and meaning This Seigneurie was given to Claude de Bermen de La Matrinière by the governor Frontenac and the Intendent Champigny on August 5th 1692. It stretches from the Seigneurie de Mont-à-Peine to that of Lauzon. This has been ratified by Her Majesty the Queen on March 1st 1693. A sales act dating back to March 23rd 1775 mentions the name of the Seigneur de Beauchamp, Alexandre Fraser. (Source : Seigneuries et fiefs du Québec : nomenclature et cartographie, 1988.)

- Map of the Seigneuries

(Seigneurie de la Martinière #140)

- Seigneurial System
1 & 2
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- Route Lallemand, Origine et signification

It is under the French Regime that a German man named Muller came to establish himself in Canada. He became owner of the land where this route is located.

- Pointe de la Martinière



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